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If you are an entrepreneur, individual owner or a start-up looking for thoughtful design to value add to your business, lifestyle project or brand strategy, you have landed at the right place.
Hello! This is Florence Cheong, the creative entrepreneur behind Astra Reka, exploring multidisciplinary opportunities in visual communication, branding and graphic design, drawing from my 21 years of architectural corporate experience. Design thinking for us is about problem-solving, focused on the needs and values of the client.

We hardly notice good design until our awareness is struck by badly designed things which work ineffectively or make us uncomfortable. Good design enhances our daily experience in many contexts from the scale of a small poster to that of a big city.
At Astra Reka, we work closely and co-create with our clients who are individual owners and small-medium businesses to realise projects of various scales for them, and to help our clients make better design decisions to get to their goals. We want to make things work together and better for you, and to bring joy! 

Contact us and speak soon!

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